at high speed



14 / 1270 / 100 - ideal dimensions for your high-speed run on the Olympic bobsleigh track in Igls. 14 curves and each one unique. 1270 meters that are really something. With 100 km/h in the high-speed range towards the finish line. We probably don't need to add the fact that not only does 2G act on your body, but that the adrenaline shoots through your veins at least as fast. Once you reach the bottom, you can then enjoy it in a completely relaxed manner!


  • Minimum age 12 years
  • Max. body weight 110 kg
  • Good physical and mental constitution
  • In case of heavy rain or thunderstorms the track becomes impassable and the appointment must be cancelled or postponed at short notice
  • Driving in the bob with pilot and 4 guests
  • Starting height: Bob start
  • Spectators are very welcome at the Olympic bob track
  • Free parking by car on the railway premises


For groups of 16 or more people. We are happy to arrange individual appointments from the end of April to the beginning of October!


ONLY WITH PRE-NOTIFICATION directly via the button: Book appointment or by phone 0664-2024797

  • in July every DO and FR at 16:00
  • in August every DO and FR at 16:00
  • and on request


€ 45,- / person