precision always wins



A perfectly polished ice surface at Olympiaworld Innsbruck, two houses, several stones, a throw and at least one skip. You can't make any sense of it? You don't have to. You just have to try to place your stone (your sports equipment) as close to the house (the middle of the field) as possible. Ideal for small groups, company outings, customers or friends. The equipment is at your disposal. What else do you need? Warm winter clothes, time and desire for this sport. Because with movement comes balance. And with relaxation comes inner peace. And then your stone floats over the ice as if by magic...


  • There is 1 track for 8-10 players. At the same time we also offer curling on the side court.
  • Curling is possible from mid November to mid February.
    Dates for this on request.


We would be happy to arrange individual appointments for you !


8 persons € 280,00